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Paste video link from video & press GO ⋅ Type to search Youtube videos.. ⋅ Use trending 20 videos

How to download Youtube videos (mp4 or mp3)?

  • STEP 1: copy video URL into clipboard. CLick the Share link on Youtube and select Copy Link.
  • STEP 2: now open Video Kitchen (VidKit) and insert video URL into white box on top and hit GO.
  • STEP 3: check what quality and size you want and download. Or select mp3 format and convert to mp3.
  • VidKit (Video Kitchen) :: Introductions

    Hello. We are the Video Kitchen. Friends also call us VidKit, which works on so many levels, including 'Tools for working with online Videos'. Righ? This was a nice surprise abbreviation. In general we help download videos from Youtube. We can also convert Youtube videos to mp3. Besides that we can perform video download from over 500 websites and streaming services. We can do so many things.. Just check out the site, and see how you may like it. We offer Youtube search right from our input box, we also have Top 20 videos for each of supported cultures (languages). We really hope you find our website useful and come back again and again.

    Youtube downloader

    VidKit is the best Youtube downloader online. Check it out, we help download videos from Youtube in different formats, with or without audio, up to 4k and 8k, if available.

    Youtube converter

    VidKit is the most useful Youtube converter out there. Our website will help you convert Youtube video to mp3 and download injust 10-15 seconds. Album art and artist name included.

    Download online video

    VidKit helps download videos and audio from nearly half a thousand websites. Facebook, Instagram, Vevo, Tiktok, Lynda, Twitter, - all of these are supported and so manu more.

    And Youtube playlist

    VidKit can easily handle huge playlists of up to 200 Youtube songs. Simply give us the link, and download all videos or convert whole playlist to mp3, it's easy, fast, and free.

    Watch Youtube videos offline :: Save on data.

    How many times have you went over your monthly data transfer? Don't let your phone company profit off your love of music - don't stream same song over and over. Simply use VidKit to download mp3 and never waste extra data on this song. The process is simple, click in the white box, type in some search keywords, find the video, get download options, select mp3, convert Youtube video to mp3, then download mp3. Easy, fast, simple. And it will save you tons of money, will stop your data overages, and will help internet breath easier without all that constant streaming... Does it sound good? Well, it did to us, so we made this website. Check it out!

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    VidKit has the app ready for you. Simply hit the button above and agree to the standard prompt offering to install the app. This is just our website presented as a free light-weight app on your Android smartphone or Windows desktop. It doesn't require updates, it's free and best of all it has all the features this website has.

    Use browser bookmark

    Download with VidKit

    VidKit can be quickly accessed via this smart bookmarklet. Simply drag and drop it into your browser's bookmarks and use it later when on Youtube watching a video. You'll see how it works, very handy. You don't need to copy/paste the video link when using this bookmarklet. Technically it's just quicker access to this website.